Colds...and how to handle them!

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So, it seems I've been rather neglectful over the past week with my blog. Please do forgive me good reader, as it is all the fault of the common cold. (And the weather right now too!) I have been really trying to keep us all fit as a family over the last couple of weeks and have been walking the girls to school every day, it is a two mile journey there, so I have been clocking up 8 miles a day when you take into consideration there and back twice! The weather hasn't been so kind on us and with the rain one day to freezing temperatures the next it is all hit and miss and has been playing havoc with my immune system.

Up until now I have not been ill this season which is trophy worthy of me as I'm usually the first to be hit with anything dodgy. While everyone has been coming down with the season's latest germs, we have all managed to miss them, rather smugly I must add. But, here I am with chicken soup in hand (seriously!) and tissues at the ready. It did inspire me though to write something about getting through the cold season, as up to now I think I have done pretty well!

1. Prevention is better than a cure.....
If you look after yourself then you will be in with a much better chance of avoiding the colds that fly around this time of year. We all know this but how many of us actually put this into practice? It is difficult, to make sure we eat healthily and get enough exercise and so on and so forth especially if you are a carer or a parent, but it is crucial. I always think that, even as a mum, when I fall ill then the children suffer too because I am not at my best, so it is paramount to eat well. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, I usually have porridge for breakfast, a light dinner (soup or jacket potato) and a main meal such as a pasta dish or roast for tea.

2. S l e e p
This is my downfall. If I don't get enough I will become run down and end up with a cold for sure. Make sure you get enough, I aim to be in bed for 10pm and I'm usually up around 6.30pm.

3. Vitamins
I swear by vitamin B. I take a vitamin B supplement everyday and I love the way it has dramatically changed my whole well being. I am no longer tired, I can get up in the morning, I feel energised, and it also works wonders for your hair and nails! I do think this has also contributed to my health this winter.

4. Keep warm
It is important to keep warm. When I was younger I would roll my eyes when my Grandparents lectured me to cover up, crop tops were all the rage and I can remember my Grandparents shocked faces when ever they saw me baring an inch of flesh. "You'll catch your death of cold"  they would scold me and I would laugh in the teenager come know it all fashion. However, I do think that being cold and catching a chill do contribute to feel unwell and this in turn leads to a weaken immune system. There is probably some scientific explanation, but that will do for now! Jumper, anyone?

And if all else fails..........stock up on a vitamin C supplement and lemsip, just in case! As soon as I feel a cold coming on then I swiftly take these in order to keep it all at bay, or suppressed at least. I'm off to finish my soup, and then it's school run time for the rain :(

Wishing you all a healthy weekend
Love Bec xxx

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