Free Family Fun!

by - 13:37's Thursday which means the weekend is on the horizon...yep it is almost there....yipee!

I love weekends because it means a break from the routine, a cheeky half an hour in bed, if I am lucky as my youngest always awakes at the crack of dawn.....but it is nice to slop around in pjs, have a breakfast that I can eat sitting down and generally not watch the clock and panic when 8.30 am rears it's ugly head.Being January it is always a month that is a bit tighter than most so I thought I would give you my top 5 family friend free things to do on a weekend whatever the weather.

1. Get outside

Raining or not, just try to tease yourself from off the sofa and get outside with the kids. This is difficult especailly this time of year, it is cold, wet, generally muddy (but children love that) and nine times out of ten free! I do feel lucky living in Cornwall because we really are spoilt for choice. If its raining then the woods are a safe better sheltered under the trees and it if it dry (and we are very lucky indeed) the beach is fantastic whatever the season. Parks are great fun and free, as are generally walks along footpaths and fields. There are so many ideas on Pinterest too such as nature bingo or going on a listening walk which is my youngest favourite thing to do at the moment!

2. Geocaching!

I love Geocaching, or as my other half refers to it fondly as, Geek - o - caching! Whatever you want to call it, it is free fun. Head over to the geocaching website and there you will find hidden geocaches all over the world. Just create an account and you will be able to access an online treasure hunt. My children love this, we dont have high tech sat nav thingy which many geocaches have, I basically look on the map on each cache and find out roughly where it is, there are usually clues and photographs of the cache and we go hunting! We have found so many places we never new existed through Geocaching right on our own doorstep. You can take something to swap as well which is a great way to encourage children to get outside and have fun.

3. Craft day

We do this a lot when the weather is truly against us. Just keeping a box full of old boxes, cartons and egg boxes is enough to transform into a rocket or palace. I love Pinterest for inspiration when it comes to craft ideas. Why not head over to my Pinterest page and look at my Simple Craft Ideas board for plenty of ideas!

4. Cinema (home style) 

Choose a film and create a cosy cinema feel at home. Close the curtains, cushion the floor, grab a blanket, put some popcorn in the microwave - you could even make your own tickets! This is something we usually do after a morning stroll. It's wonderful to clear out the cobwebs and get some fresh air but it is nice to have some down time too.

5. Baking

If the weather is particular pants I do love to bake. The children do too and my eldest is at an age whereby she can muster a few things up herself now so it's nice for her to invent her own cakes/cookies. With my youngest we enjoy decorating cupcakes or biscuits together. Why not bake up some party food (home made pizza/quiche/cakes/sausage rolls) and have a picnic. Whether outside or inside children love to eat on the floor, it breaks routine and if you can get outside, food always tastes better al fresco.

I hope these ideas have inspired you this weekend. I'm hoping to get outside at some point for a walk, maybe try a geocache, then the girls have a party to attend. Whatever you choose to do hope you have fun and hopefully the sun makes an appearance too!

Happy Thurday


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