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I thought I would blog about our weekend. It wasn't hugely eventful, admittedly, however it was nice and we spent some quality time together as a family.

Sugar rush
Firstly on Saturday the girls both were invited to parties, so they were kept busy and sugar induced for the day! (there were candy floss and pop corn booths). Parties are a little out of my comfort zone (surely I'm not the only mum who feels this way?!) although that being said once it is all over I usually think 'now that wasn't that hard really, was it?' It is a great way to socialise and get to know other mums and dads, especially those who are at the school gates which can be a daunting prospect in itself sometimes!

Bike riding with a looming rain cloud present!
Once Saturday was over and the sugar had left their system, Sunday looked like a more chilled day. We didn't have any plans, we didn't need to go anywhere and the weather was pants too which made it the perfect time to just relax and have a slop about in PJs kind of day. In the morning I played cafe with my youngest and my eldest then put on a show with her dolls, after lunch we took the girls out for a bike ride and then decided to chill watching Paddington Bear - which I have to say I really liked! I actually laughed out loud, I thought It was very funny, extremely British but also enduring (and a tad bit scary in places!) All in all a fun family film so if you haven't seen it then I would firmly recommend. We finished Sunday off with a scrumptious roast, it was the perfect end to a lovely, quiet day.

What really summed it up for me though was when I took my eldest to bed that night and she turned to me and said      ' Mummy, I'm really sad because I don't want the weekend to end, I've had a lovely time.' Aww - even though we didn't go anywhere exciting or do anything adventurous it's nice to know that it's the simple things still count.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too - now back to normality!

Love Bec


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