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Oooh - who loves a pop of colour on their nails? I do..... and I don't. I have a love/hate relationship with nails - there are times when I fancy a change and will paint them and then I paint them and they know what I mean, they end up looking a bit tatty but I don't seem to fit time in my day to grab polish remover.....ah silly of me really, perhaps it should be my resolution this year to stay on top of my nails'. But honesty, you can't beat the au naturel look, especially if your nails are kept short, square and healthy looking. For when they aren't....well there is polish! (Just don't get slack with it like I do and they'll look fab!)

So I thought I'd share with you my winter colours that I am loving (when I'm loving polished nails) with you. Beware - these are all on a strict budget. I can't image spending a huge amount of a bottle of polish because I never get a chance to use of the whole bottle anyway and it seems like a waste, especially for the amount of time they are on my nails for.

So without further are my fave budget polishes!

Poundland.....I'm sorry, did you just say Poundland? (que sniggers to oneself). Yes, I have to be completely honest here Poundland actually don't have a bad selection of polishes. If you don't believe check out these beauties from my megre selection below. And if that hasn't quite got you convinced  then check out this article from Cosmo here!  (seriously! Their blusher is good too!)

Tanya Burr Selection

I was lucky because I picked this up from a discount store for £3! So these beauties worked out to be £1 each (no prizes for guessing there!) they are super. Really good quality and professional finish. I was super impressed with these, and they are possibly my favourites.

Cherry, Deep Purple and Bold Red

Wilko range

This one is from Wilkos. Good old Wilkos. They have an fairly nice selection in store, similar to Poundland. They go on well and have a nice finish too. However I do find they don't dry as quick as I would have liked but they are just £ who's complaining?! I actually bought this one a while ago but I've taken a look at their new range and they have some colours that I'm lusting after, like the essence range I love Nail Polish the Nudes. You can have a looky here in my link! 

W7 cosmetics

This was another £1 buy! W7 polish usually retails for around £4, but this was bought at a local discount store. I love the bright bold red, the colour is extreme and perfect for toes or to make a statement. It goes on ok, although can be fairly sticky but the colour is bright and it comes in a nice size bottle.

So there you have a round up of the colours I'm using at the moment. My favourite is the Poundland colour Magic 6, which is the darker brown. Although I'm loving these darker, richer shades I cannot wait for Spring to make an appearance so I can buy some lighter, fresher tones.

What brands do you like to use? 
Please don't tell me I'm the only person who buys dirt cheap polish!

Love Bec


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