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I thought I would write a quick post on the make up products I use. I am a very busy mum of 2 girls and make up isn't always a high priority in my life. However, that being said I do like to have a play around with make up on occasions, and have definitely found heading into my thirties that a little bit of make up here and there doesn't go a miss. So here is a round up of what I use on a daily basis. It is cheap and definitely budget all the way, but does the job!

W7 Mascara

I bought this a few days ago actually after I lost my mascara I was using! I cant live without mascara because I have the fairest and smallest eyelashes ever seen. I love a big statement eye, and even though I'm not keen on eyeshadow I always leave the house wearing mascara on my lashes. I have to say this particular brand was £2....yep cheap as chips. Does it work? Yep you bet. This is actually one of the nicest mascaras I've used in a while, it gives me really long, bold lashes and the brush is really nice as there is no clumping.

Eye pencil

I like this brown colour pencil. I use to go for black everytime but I like to use a pencil on my eyes and on my brows (again I have the fairest brows that are in need of serious defining). I find brown is a little less harsh yet still makes a statement just nto so overpowering. This is a cheap pencil by Miss Sporty again, but does the job. It could do with extra staying power throughout the day but it didn't cost the earth so I can't expect miracles!

Foundation by Miss Sporty

I am soooo pale. It is almost impossible to find a foundation that matches my skin. The girls usually look at me and ask ' why are you orange mummy?'. Cheers, thank-you very much that was so obviously the look I was after. While I've tried the cheap range and the more expensive I was using an Aldi foundation that was brilliant. I would mix with my moisture for a sort of DIY BB cream, but they stopped selling it (why oh why do shops so that?!). Well, after a ton of foundations later not to mention £s I finally found this one. Its cheap around £3.99 but it does the job by matching well and covering blemishes. It can be a little drying but as long as I'm not orange faced any more it's ok.


I use two different blushes at the moment.I have a powder blush and a cream one. I'm not too sure which one I perfer. The powder one gives a richer and intense colour while the cream blush is more natural and can be used on my lips as a good light colouring.

I also have an eye palette that I bought from Avon a few weeks ago. I like the range of colours but am still unsure, after all these years whether eye-shadow works for me! But this Hollywood palette was £4 so offers a cheap alternative to many of the higher price products out there.

So as you can see I really do shop on a budget as far as make up is concerned. While I work from home most days I find that make up is definitely not a necessity for me, but just a little bit of fun.

Let me know what you think, what are you best beauty buys!?!

Love Bec


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