Sweet Leftovers

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So after Christmas Day dinner I have been living on turkey and stuffing sandwiches with the odd cheese and cracker thrown in for good measure. Not that I am complaining in any way, it was Christmas after all. Although I may have consumed all the leftovers in my fridge, what does remain is the mountains of chocolate stashed away in the tins dotted around the kitchen. So I thought, we could eat away at our stash for the next month or so, or I could put it to good use and make a leftover dish for desert this evening.

The girls gave it the thumbs up, and admittedly it was a wickedly delicious treat. I followed a brownie recipe but used more milk chocolate pieces melted up than the coco powder stated in the recipe. After I brought it out of the oven I was left with a sweet smelling gooey chocolate treat, the perfect accompaniment with ice cream.

Warm Chocolate Brownie Recipe

100g butter

100g caster sugar

100g brown sugar

2 eggs

30g coco powder

300g milk chocolate pieces melted

80g plain flour


Combine the butter and sugar together until smooth and creamy then add in the eggs. Give the mixture a good stir until well combined. While mixing melt the chocolate, I usually add this to a microwave for approx 2 minutes checking every 40 seconds and giving the chocolate a stir in between. When the chocolate mixture has melted add straight away along with the coco powder. Once all incorporated into the mixture add the flour. Stir once again until the mixture is completely combined then pop into a greased baking tin into a pre heated oven on 180 degrees. Will be cooked in around 20-30 mins.

Serve warm with a dollop of ice cream on top!

Bon apetit!



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