Recipe for Slow Cooker fruit cake

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I'm in need of cheering up this week as they say bad things always happen in threes and they have indeed!Firstly my car had an oil leak, which is no biggie, but when the mechanic had a fumble around there were a few other bits and bobs that needed fixing, so a quick job to the garage turned into a long three week stay put in the garage and several repair works later I'm still unsure when the car will be fixed, and how much the bill will be! The the washing machine filter snapped over the weekend so I need a new one of those, and while I was cooking the Sunday roast yesterday evening my oven decided it just couldn't take any more of my cooking and packed up. I had to cook the half done potatoes under my grill, which just isn't the same! I have been saying that this year I wanted to buy a new cooker and fridge (oh so exciting!) I just didn't think it would actually pack up first!

Slow Cooker appreciation!
So anyway, in regards to all that it is the first day of February, and quite frankly I am happy to see January's wet and soggy behind. Goodbye January, and thank goodness, hello February please bring us drier days, please, and some better luck wouldn't go amiss! I thought I would post a recipe that always cheers me up, it is a fruit cake baked in the slow cooker. I feel very lucky that I have a slow cooker, since my oven isn't working at least I'll be able to cook a few decent meals in there over the next week until our new cooker is delivered! If you don't own one I would recommend to get out and buy one, they are fabulous, and an absolute life saver in my opinion!

Adding the batter on top of the fruits

Here is my recipe for a fruit cake slow cooker style.......
Frozen fruits  - can be anything you fancy I usually use frozen summer fruits trays you can buy, but I have also used blackberries frozen from last summer!
Cake mixture - just your average fairy cake mixture 125g butter 125g sugar two eggs, 175g self raising flour. 
Line the bottom of the slow cooker with the frozen fruit, then layer the cake mixture over the top. Leave to cook on high for around 2-3 hrs. 
This cake is so moist and spongy - it is perfect served warm with ice cream/clotted cream or double cream. 

This is definitely a desert worthy of a pick me up. If you try it let me know, I love to read your comments!


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