Birthday Weekend

by - 04:18

This weekend was my youngest Birthday. I know it is a cliche and so overused by parents, but really where has the time gone?! Due to the horrendous weather we were not able to go to the zoo as we wanted but instead Freya wanted to go to Pizza Hut so that's what we did!

I thought I would share a few photos. Despite the weather it was a lovely day catching up with family, We hope to go to the zoo this week weather permitting! As I am typing though there is a hail storm going on outside, I am just grateful to be tucked up in the warm.

This year I really didn't want to go over the top with gifts. Freya wanted a baby Annabell doll and Play doh, I also bought her a watch to help her tell the time and a Frozen Lego castle,  although my eldest has been more interested in this! I feel like every year I go over the top a little with the gifts and looking around both of their bedrooms I feel they have so much already. I wanted to give them experiences they could remember, so that is why I want to take Freya to the zoo in Paington which is much larger than our local zoo. Fingers crossed this weekend we will manage it!

   Hope you had a lovely weekend


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