National Maritime Museum Falmouth - weekend visit

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I have always wanted to visit the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. I'm not entirely sure why, as I can't say I'm a huge sailing/boast enthusiast, although I do love the sea. My daughter went a few years ago and came back saying how good it was and I have always found some brilliant reviews online so we thought we would give it a go over the weekend. I have to admit for the entry fee it is such value for money as you pay once and get a year's free entry which makes a rainy day much more interesting. There always seems to be crafts/activities on and when we went we watched a few people abseil down the side of the tower for charity, very brave stuff! As you can see from the photos the girls had a great time and I actually found it really interesting, even the other half did and he isn't always one for museums. Not only did we learn lots but we found climbing the tower fun looking over Falmouth which was beautiful and going below deck to watch the tide come up and have a view of under the sea. We still didn't manage to squeeze everything in so am greatly looking forward to our next trip to the museum
. It is a great rainy day activity, or if the weather is fair the surrounding area of Falmouth is beautiful and there is always so much to do. I would seriously recommend taking a look if ever you get the chance!

 As we were in Falmouth we thought we would pop to Gullydune Gardens. It is a beautiful Victorian garden full of exotic plants and a cave with shells decorated over 150 years ago. There is a play area and cafe with a lovely walk down to the sea. It is rarely busy (at least it never seems to be when we go) so it is perfect for having a quiet stroll. The parking is free and it is free entry too so it is a lovely place to come for a bit pack a picnic and enjoy the beach when the weather behaves. We were really lucky and the weather brightened up for us too.

 Hope your Sunday was a relaxing one

Bec xxx

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