Days like these....

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Well today I had a day off which was most welcome. I haven't been working as much lately with the holidays and going back to school routines but once last week settled I've been putting in the hours. Today has been productive - I've been for a job interview eeekkk - and so far made a fish pie! And as I was just writing this I was offered the job! It is another relief position - in the similar sector that I work in now but completely different if that makes sense! I'm not giving up on the day job but this is literally a ten minute walk from my home and is better money so it made sense to apply and who knows what will happen. I love the job I do now but it involves a great deal of travelling and the pay is not great, but because I enjoy it so much it does make it worth it. Who knows this space!
So I've treated myself to a week off. I've been for a lovely walk with a good friend yesterday picking blackberries and apples. It was an unusual walk; one I've not done before which was interesting and I hoping to go back soon. Here are a few photos:

These were the fruits we picked along the way there was a huge apple tree which had dropped so many apples on the floor there was a carpet of them! I made stewed apples in the evening just baking them in the oven for ten minutes then adding brown sugar and a drop of double cream. Yum! The walk is around the Poldice valley in Cornwall. It is really hidden away and popular with bikers for the varied terrain.

Well I hope you enjoy  the rest of your week, I definitely intend to! 
Love Bec xxx

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