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And rest.....ah I really wanted to blog more during the summer holidays as I know I've blogged very little lately but here goes! It's the last week of the holidays and we are all gearing up for going back to school here. The air is already turning cooler and darker and there is that feel of Autumn hanging in the air. I'm pretty gutted as I love Summer and feel it has gone all too quickly - but then there is a part of me that can't wait for cosier nights and the build up to Halloween/Bonfire night/Christmas! This is an exciting time of year and the next few months will  be exciting and challenging, I'm sure. My eldest is taking her first step into secondary school and it is going to be such a culture shock. Over the holiday's we have already had a barrage of attitude and mood swings thrown at us so the next six years should be joyful! Then my youngest will no longer be the youngest at primary where she will move into year 1 - and already this summer she looks as thought she has grown up far to fast her independence soaring and her head on those shoulders that little bit taller.
We are just about getting ready for our last camping trip of the season. I should be looking forward to it but apparently the weather is going to be pants (thunderstorms/rain the usual!) and I just dont seem to have any energy - I just cant muster any motivation at the moment - I'm hoping my mojo comes back soon! Perhaps being out of routine has thrown me off course so once school is back in full swing and Autumn rears it's golden head I will feel a little more centred. Here are some photos of our last camping trip. We were so lucky to have a heatwave (Oh my godness!!) the
 whole time we were away and practically lived outside for the week it was lush!
Here's to Summer 2016!

The beach was a ten minute walk away - you can hear the waves crashing onto the beach at night

View from the tent - beautiful sunsets

My dream cottage - how adorable?!!!

We took our new tent the Vango Avington 500 with us. We were excited as it is a big tent but not overly big that you feel like it takes hours to set up - it is ready in about 20 minutes and you can buy an extension for it which we think we will decide to do next year. Hopefully I'll be able to take some shots this week and blog them next week weather approving!

Have a fab weekend guys whatever the weather! :)
Love Becky xxx

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