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Oh dear....looks like someone hasn't blogged for a rather long while. In my defence I have been stupidly busy juggling work, family life, volunteer commitments....the list goes on but it has been crazy and I wanted to take a breath and  just sit down with my trusty laptop and write about it for a bit!

So - looking back I haven't blogged since March and so much has happened since then. Mainly consisting of work which has taken a front seat. It seems that I don't do things in halves and instead when I do something I do it all guns blazing! For me getting a job meant working part time hours a few days a week that I could juggle effortlessly with family life but we all know it is never that easy. I work as a relief support worker and I must admit I've been picking up work left right and centre which is great but I am looking forward to a week off during the half term!
After 5 years of working from home/extended maternity leave/studying for my degree - I finally took the big next step and applied for jobs. For me I felt ready to move on - both my girls were in full time school and I had worked from home and it just didn't feel 'fun' any more. I use to enjoy working from home and running a small online shop but lately things had become harder and as it became more costly to run there didn't seem to be much reward at the end of the hard work I'd been putting in. I applied for a couple of jobs and because of my family situation (basically sharing childcare between my partner and myself) I was beginning to feel as though finding the right job would be near impossible. I thought about going down the teaching route after graduating but even trying to find volunteer work in a school was a matter of jumping through hoops of fire. For me earning my own money is important and I love the feeling of being financially independent even though my partner and I share everything - nothing quite beats your own hard earn money even if it is only in your bank for a short time! I was offered a couple of jobs but mainly working as a relief worker filling in sickness and so on which at first didn't appeal - I needed guaranteed hours. But then the company I work for now explained that they could almost certainly give me as many hours as I wanted working the hours that I wanted on relief as long as I was willing to chase up the hours it wouldn't be a problem so here I am! I completely let go of my insecurities and jumped into something I knew very little about doing things every day that challenge me and scare me but I love it and am so glad I took a leap in the dark and actually found myself; the person who had been hiding away in the dark for way too long.

Wishing you a fantastic and chilled half term break
Becky xxx

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