Weekend Life - Work and Play

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I thought I would do a little write up on my weekend just gone. I worked a ten hour shift on Sunday -which was ok as I got to do quite a few bits in the morning like catching up with family - but Saturday was a nice easy day for me and although we did the boring Saturday 'stuff' in the morning we had a chilled afternoon. In the evening I took my eldest to the theatre to watch the musical Jesus Christ Superstar! It was amazing and was made up of a cast of teenagers; they were fantastic and both my daughter and I enjoyed it so much. We don't do many things just the two of us and I thought it would make a nice treat since started Secondary school we could both enjoy the night. She loves drama and it was an interesting play to watch - not only mixing history with modernity, but musical with rock and throw in a whole heap of emotions - I don't think there was a dry eye in the house by the end of the show (I didn't realise how dark the show got!)  I would recommend it if you ever get the chance. Sadly I wasn't able to take any pictures mid show but did sneak a pic of the stage beforehand!

This photo doesn't do any justice!! But the whole experience has made me want to go to the theatre more often. I use to go to the Minack theatre in Porthcurnno every week in the Summer with my Uncle and I loved the whole experience! My dream is to take the children and other half down there - hopefully next year, now that the youngest is older.

But now Summer is all but over and Autumn is getting closer!

Love Bec xxx

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